A guide to understanding PTC websites

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A guide to understanding PTC websites

Post by Mike. on Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:32 am

(Q)What is a PTC website
A paid to click (PTC) or paid per click (PPC) is an advertising scheme used by advertising networks, search engines, and websites who pay users and members to click on adverts specified by them.

(Q) Whats the differance betwen PTC, PCC, and CPC.
PTC schemes (pay to click) are normally non-commercial and private advertsing websites where they pay their registered members every time they click on an advert specified by them.

PPC schemes
(paid per click) are commonly networks such as Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher network. They offer its registered members a chance to earn revenue by placing Google and Yahoo content to their websites, blogs etc. So when a visitor clicks the advert on your website your PPC provider will pay you!.

CPC schemes (cost per click) relates back to the PPC networks. Its really just another "nick name" for PPC giants such as Google Adwords, Microsoft adCentre and Yahoo-Search Marketing.


How it Works

(Q) How it Works

PTC website earn money by providing Traffic for websites. The term Traffic is when people click on websites. The more traffic a website has the higher up they will appear in for example Googles search engine.

So websites buy "Traffic" from PTC sites who charge them for example 1000 traffic hits for $20. The "Traffic" is actually the PTC members who are paid to click the links provided by the PTC website.

PT sites however dont just manke money from selling traffic. They generate revenue from selling services to their members. Thus for example Premium packages and Refferal packages. Many question that PT sites dont earn profit, and will eventually close. This however is untrue because its a self supporting system, even if there are no more refferals to buy.

So it is basically a cycle of the webmasters need for cheap traffic and our needs to make money. We all benefit from this system and the amount of money you earn depends on the number of refferals you have.

(Q) What are refferals - this is how you earn large sums of money
Refferals are people you get to join your Downline*. Once you reffer a person you will earn a percentage of what he earns. So for example you will earn 50% every time they click an advert.
The Best PTC site will give you 100% of your refferals earnings. So if your refferal clicks 10 adverts at $0.01 you will earn $0.10.
$0.01 isnt much, but the more refferals you have the more money you will earn so for example.

* 15 referrals click 10 ads per day
* = $1.50? Your daily earnings
* = $1.50? Your weekly earnings
* = $10.50? Your monthly earnings = $45.00

Joining a PTC site
Before joining a PTC website make sure you do your research. When it comes to money matters you have to be sure that you are going to invest in a secure and profitable place.Things to look for:

* Is the website Proffesionally created
* Do they have proof of payments
* Does it have Support/Community forums
* Are there lots of active members on the forums
* Do you feel comfortable
* Do they provide the best Payment options.


A PTC with a professional website is a sign of a good PTC site. Look at the general layout of the website and gauge how accesible and easy it is to use.

Before you join, make sure you visit its community forum. You should spend some time reading the posts on all sections of the forums, and TRY to understand the overall "Happiness" level of its members. You should be looking for the amount of support its moderators provide and how members help each other.
Once you are comfortable with the forums, then you can consider registering your Details! to become a member.

When you Register.Never enter your bank account details on the PTC website itself. They should provide other payment methods where you can register outside with a more secure means, for example with AlertPay.

Dont Jump to quickly. Dont start buying refferal packages the minute you join.


Payment Methods

(Q)Whats happended to PayPal?

PayPal hasnt banned PT sites from conducting business. However the recent wave of frozen PT accounts and suspensions has unsettled thousands of members and of course founders.

PTC sites are seen as a High-Risk buisness and PayPal requires that these companies comply with their policy. So PT companies have to show necessary paperwork to finalize their accounts. However many PT sites have boycotted PayPal, and the majority of PT sites have switched their members to other online money transfer sites such as AlertPay, momeybookers, iKobo and E-Gold.


Scam Sites?
PT websites are still very unpopular with the people, because there are hundreds if not thousands of Scam websites.

If you are a new comer to PT website then I will recommend that you register at Ur Online Biz. It is a great service that was set up in 2006 and provides insider information on the Best PT sites and those sites that are Scams.

You can register for Free or you can pay a subscribtion fee that gives you V.IP access to features such as the Black-List, which lists all the websites that you should avoid.



(Q) What is a downline?

A downline is the term given when people are reffered (recruited) by members of a particular site. So for example my friends could be my downline.

(Q) PT, PTC, PCC etc?

PT - paid to
PTC - paid to click
PCC - paid to click
CPC - cost per click
PTR - paid to read
PTS(U) Paid to sign up

(Q) I keep on getting X crosses.
Make sure applications such as your Firewall, Antivirus, adware/anitspyware programs for acceptance. Deleting your cahce & cookies can also solve this, but you should reboot your computer for it to take effect.

This will frequently occur with browsers such as AOL. The solution is to download FireFox or Internet Explorer 7.0.

(Q) Can I use more than one PC.

If you have only one computer but two members on the same PT site you can try;

* Deleting Cache/cookies, temp files and saved passwords then restart your PC
* Use two different browsers for each person. Such as Firefox and your main browser. (make sure you delete cookies & cache etc before each logon.
* To be safer, you may create two Windows accounts on your desktop.

Use these tips at your own RISK. I cannot garantee these tricks will work,
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